About Dianna Goodfellow

Dianna has been in the mortgage industry for over 15 years. She has lived in the Boulder area for 10 years and previously lived in Colorado Springs where she owned a mortgage company and an independent processing company. Her past as both a processor and a loan originator give her a well-rounded, bird’s eye view of the loan process from beginning to end and offers a detailed insight that is helpful to each individual in the loan process from the borrower, to the realtors, to the underwriter, to the title company and the closing department.

The experience gained from understanding each piece of the process allows her to see the whole loan process from a unique perspective. By seeing each piece of the loan process she is able to identify a potential issue and problem solve it quickly by thinking outside of the box and understanding how one piece of the process will affect the other and resolve the issue before it ever gets to the underwriter.

Dianna strives to ensure each person involved in the loan process feels confident throughout the process from the beginning and for years after the closing. Dianna believes a home mortgage loan is not just a one-time interaction but is a building block and the beginning of lifetime partnership she is entering into with the client to achieve their financial goals. This philosophy is what drives her attention to detail to ensure every interaction is positive and contributes towards everyone’s future success. She really takes the time to connect with the client to know them personally to ensure the mortgage they are entering into is the best fit to achieve their goal. She goes above and beyond with each interaction she has with all parties involved in the transaction to ensure everyone is satisfied and confident in their choose to work with her and DSW Mortgage.

Dianna Goodfellow - NMLS 1204168

Why Me

Great Customer Service.
I put my clients on the first place.
Commited to provide the highest quality service.
I offer superior loans and mortgages.
Compare the differences of the loan types available to find the one that is right for you. You will find information on 30 year fixed, conventional loans, jumbo loans, super conforming (conventional jumbo), FHA and VA loans. Of course you can always call and speak to one of our loan consultants.